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What is the easiest language to learn: Spanish/French/English or German?

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English is definitively the easiest language to learn (that’s why it is the international language!)

It is very easy to pick up and it can be learnt orally. The grammar is not complex. The verbs are ALL conjugated the same way whereas in French and Spanish the verbs have a different ENDING for each person (I, you, he/she/it, we, they) and many verbs are irregular, which means they don’t follow any pattern (therefore, they have to be learnt by heart)- In English, you have only one “YOU”. In French, we have two: one “You” (tu) that we use when we are talking to ONE PERSON that we know well (a friend, a brother…) and another “You” that is used for somebody we don’t know well or to show RESPECT (a teacher, your boss…) or while talking to a group of people.

In Spanish, there are FOUR “You” !!!

1) One “You” to talk to somebody you know very well (a friend): “Tú”
2) A second “You” when you talk to a group of people that you know well: “Vosotros”
3) A third “You” when you talk to somebody you don’t know well or to show respect: “Usted”
4) A fourth “you” when you talk to a group of people that you don’t know well or to show respect to them: “Ustedes”.

– While in French the accents don’t matter, in Spanish they do! If you forget to write an accent or if you don’t pronounce it, a verb can become a noun and vis versa!

German is easier to learn than French or Spanish because once you have understood how the grammar works, it often follows the same pattern. However, your grammar really needs to be strong in order to learn German. If you are weak in grammar, you won’t be able to learn languages whose grammar is complex (French/Spanish/German).

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