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The regional natural park of the Verdon – Part One

The regional natural park of the Verdon stretches over 180,000 hectares in the Alpes-de-Haute Provence and Var departments.

There are 7 different touristic landscapes in the park:

  • The plateau of Valensole, which stretches over 800 km², was first occupied by the Romans (in the city of Riez) and is considered to be the “attic of the region” because the plateau is an important producer of cereals and lavandin. It also enjoys a good harvest of truffles.

Plateau of Valensole, Alpes-de-Haute Provence, France

The artificial lake of Sainte-Croix was developed in 1974. Nowadays, the lake is a star touristic destination.

  • The Haut-Var (north of the Var department) offers vast plains and forest hills, which are important for wine growing, oleiculture (production, processing, and marketing of olives) and for harvesting truffles.

Haut Var, France

  • The alpine zone of the park: the pre-Alps of Digne, on the right bank of the Verdon, dominate the plateau of Valensole and the Verdon Gorges, with the “Mourre de Chanier” that culminates at 1930 m, followed by the “Mont Chiran” (1905 m) and the “Mont denier” (1750 m).

Prealps of Digne, Alpes-de-Haute Provence, France

  • The pre-Alps of Castellane are located on the left bank of the Verdon with the mountain of Lachens at 1715 m and the Grand Margès at 1577 m. This mountainous region essentially lives on pastoralism (rearing sheep and cattle).

prealps of Castellane, France

For more information about the Verdon Gorges, click on this link:

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