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The most beautiful hikes in the Verdon Gorges – Part II

  • The fisherman trail (le sentier du pêcheur):

2h 30 min + 30 min (round trip) to the old footbridge of Mayreste.

A pleasantly shaded itinerary running along the top of the canyon flooded by the waters of the Sainte-Croix lake. The lower cascade of Saint-Maurin adds an unusual touch to this setting, with its limestone draperies of travertine (due to the spring’s calcareous waters) and many old walls of tufa (a form of calcite rock).

Fisherman trail, Verdon Gorges, France

  • The Rancoumas Belvedere (le belvére de Rancoumas):

1 h 45 min out – 3h return trip. Departure from the right bank: Couloir Samson car park (Cauvin camp site). The Rancoumas belvedere leads to the spectacular cliffs of the Escalès (picture below). For more information about this trail, click on these links:

The belvédère of Rancoumas in the Verdon Gorges, France

  • The Robion peak (1660 m) (le sommet du Robion):

3h out – 2h 15 min back. Departure 2 km from Castellane city, on D102 at Chamateuil.

Climbing this very steep summit involves an ascent of 928m. But those stalwart hikers who reach the top are rewarded with a breathtaking view over the gorges and a complete panorama from the Lake of Castillon all the way to the coast, from Le Margès peak to Mourre de Chanier, from Pré Chauvin to Cadières de Brandis and far beyond…

Robion peak, Verdon Gorges, France

  • The Robion circuit (le circuit du Robion):

5h – 16 km (mountain bike circuit)

This long pastoral route through Verdon country reveals an amazing diversity of plant life. It offers magnificent views over the land and approaches to old rural landscapes and sheep folds struggling to survive in our modern world.

  • The Cadières of Brandis (1545m) (les Cadières de Brandis):

The jagged, chaotic relief of the Cadières is the target for all those who love unusual hikes.

The dolomitic formations can be approached from several directions:

> From Villars-Brandis, over La Colle Bernaiche – return through Brandis: a difficult itinerary (541m ascent) requiring 6h.

> From Les Lèques pass – return on the South flank: classic 3h hike.

<–> through Chasteuil and Brandis: for very good hikers (672m ascent): 3h30 min on the way up – 2h30 min on the way down.

Les Cadières de Brandis, Verdon Gorges, France

I have presented the most famous hikes in the Verdon Gorges. Obviously there are many more hikes one can do!

For more information about the Verdon Gorges, click on this link:

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