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The characters of the Fort Boyard

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The two famous presenters of the Fort Boyard TV programme: Anne-Gaëlle Riccio and Olivier Minne. They guide the team around the Fort giving advice (and sympathy) when needed!

Le père Fouras (the Fouras’ father) asking one of the team members to solve a riddle in his Watch Tower.

The three famous dwarfs of the Fort Boyard.

The dwarf named “Passe-partout

André BOUCHET has been playing the role of “Passe-partout” since 1990. It’s him who guides the team from challenge to challenge, who opens the doors, and locks people in when their time is up. He is the keeper of the keys won by the team.

The dwarf named “Passe-temps

Alain PREVOST has been playing the role of “Passe-temps” since 1990. He is the right hand man of “Passe-partout” and it’s him who leads some members of the team to the Pere Fouras’ watch tower to solve a riddle. There, he is in charge of the hourglass (the riddles are timed).

The dwarf named “Passe-Muraille

Anthony LABORDE has been playing the role of “Passe-Muraille” since 2004. He plays a minor role in the TV programme and only makes brief apparitions.

La Boule

Yves MARCHESSEAU has been playing the role of “la Boule” since 1994. La Boule is a massive French-man who strikes the gong to manage the time, and leads prisoners to the cages, which he guards while sitting in the sun. Strong and imposing, he is a sailor lost on the Fort.

Mr Tchan

Roberty Long has been playing the role of “Mr Tchan” since 2007. He is in charge of the challenge that bears the same name. He chooses one of the team’s members and asks him/her to lie down on a bed, while another member of the team has to solve a difficult puzzle. If the puzzle isn’t solved on time, the person who was lying down disappears and becomes a prisoner.

Les Maîtres des Ténébres (the masters of darkness)

The “Maîtres des Ténébres” have been present in the TV programme since 1995. Their name has successively changed even though they have always played the same role. First called “Maîtres des Jeux” (the Masters of the Games), they were then called “Maîtres du Temps” (the Masters of Time), and then “Maîtres des Ténébres”. Half men, half tigers, they challenge the team members in the “salle du conseil” (the council room). If the team members win their challenges, they win extra time for the Treasure room.


Monique Angeon played the role of “Félindra” from 1991 to 1997, and again from 1999 to 2005. She has been playing that role again since 2007. She is the keeper of the Treasure Room and is the tigers’ master. She is also in charge of validating the word-code proposed by the team members by turning the famous tiger head. If the word-code is wrong, the team members cannot go and fetch the gold coins.

The Magician

Serge AVRIL has been playing the role of the “Magician” since 2001. His role is to manipulate several black glasses in which he is hiding a key and a team member has to guess where the key is. The team member has several attempts to guess where the key is.

The teams participating to this TV programme are always different and are made of various personalities (singers, actors, actresses, sport professionals etc). The money that they can win in the Treasure room is given to the foundation they are supporting (foundations against cancer, against a particular disease etc).

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