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Sainte Croix lake in the Verdon Gorges (south east France)

Paradise on earth…

Sainte Croix lake in the Verdon Gorges (south France, Provence region)

The Sainte Croix lake is at:

– 127 km from Marseille (2 hours)

– 141 km from Nice (2 hours)

– 260 km from Montpellier (3 hours)

– 860 km south from Paris (9 hours)

– 50 km from Draguignan ( 1 hour)

– 60 km from Manosque (1 hour)

– 7 km from Aiguines

– 4 km from Les Salles Sur Verdon.

Localisation GPS 83630 Les Salles Sur Verdon.

More videos of the Sainte croix lake. Enjoy!

You will hear the singing of cicadas…they are very common in this region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur):

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