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Most prefered subjects in France

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Well, in France students are not allowed to choose the subjects they like…they have to study all of them till they pass the High School exams (at the age of 18). studying hard

Primary school pupils have to study 13 subjects ! (all compulsory) They are: Mathematics, Literature, French Grammar, English (sometimes Spanish or a regional language), History (from Prehistory till today), Geography (the world), Civic Education (how to avoid conflicts/understand other cultures/be a good citizen etc), Biology (the anatomy of the human body; the digestive/respiratory/circulatory systems; the reproduction (of humans, animals and plants etc), Physics (Astronomy, Electricity, Energy, propagation of the light, different sources of light etc), Technology (Mecanics; the transformation of a linear movement into a circular movement and vice-versa etc), Music (French and international), Visual Arts (this is about Paintings, Sculptures famous monuments across the world), and Physical Education (athletics, swimming, basket-ball, base-ball, gymnastics, climbing…)

Pupils are regulary assessed in all subjects through written and oral exams. Those who regularly fail in more than one subject are not allowed to go to the upper level if they have not shown any improvement at the end of the school year (therefore, they have to study the same things again for one full year).

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Failing a pupil in Primary school is not a rare thing in France.

The same subjects are studied in Middle School, plus a second foreign language (choosen between German, Spanish and Italian). In High School, Music and Technology have been suppressed.

The high number of subjects to study can explain the high rate of failure and lack of motivation from students. sad gif

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