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Most popular male singers in France these days – Part Two

If the links don’t work anymore, just copy-paste the name of the artist and the title of his song on YouTube, the video clip should come.

  • Jean-Jacques Goldman:

Jean-Jacques Goldman famous French singerJean-Jacques Goldman (born on 11th October, 1951 in Paris) is a French singer and songwriter. He is hugely popular in the French-speaking world, and in 2003 was the second-highest-grossing French pop singer, after Johnny Hallyday.

He also writes for other singers, notably Céline Dion, with whom he collaborated on D’eux (released in the US as The French Album Khaled), S’il suffisait d’aimer and 1 fille and 4 types, he has also collaborated with Johnny Hallyday, Patricia Kaas, Garou, Marc Lavoine, Lorie and Florent Pagny.

Je te donne:


Il suffira d’un signe:

Encore un matin:

Au bout de mes rêves:

Quand la musique est bonne:

  • Raphaël:

Raphael French singer

Raphaël Haroche (born on 7th November, 1975 in Paris) is a French singer who performs under the name Raphaël. His father is Russian and his mother is from Argentina.

He began his public career with the song “Sur la route” (On the road), a duet with Jean-Louis Aubert.

He is one of the most popular male singers these days.

Adieu Haiti:

Sur la route (with Jean-Louis Aubert):


Ne partons pas fâchés:

Et dans 150 ans:


  • Bob Sinclar: (born on 10th May, 1967 in Douarnenez)

Bob Sinclar French singer

Bob Sinclar, mistaken many times as “Sinclair” (born as Christophe Le Friant) is a Grammy Awards-nominated French record producer, House music DJ, remixer and owner of the label Yellow Productions. He is very famous in France and internationally.

Love generation:

World Hold On:


  • David Guetta: (born on 7th November, 1967 in Paris)

David Guetta French singer

David Guetta is a world famous DJ. Vocals and many of his singles are performed by singer Chris Willis.


David Guetta & Chris Willis: Love is gone:

Love don’t let me go walking away:

  • Christophe Maé: (born on 16th October, 1975 in Carpentras)

Christophe Maé French singer

Christophe Maé is a French singer who has played the role of “Monsieur” in the musical Le Roi Soleil since 2005. He is known for songs such as “Ça marche” and “Et vice Versailles”. He learned to play the violin at age 6, and later began playing the guitar and harmonica at age 16 after he was immobilized from a chronic illness. This is when he discovered his inspiration: Stevie Wonder. His musical influences are Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman and Jack Johnson as well as French singer-songwriters Francis Cabrel and Gérald de Palmas.

Tant qu’on rêve encore:

Ca fait mal:

Parce qu’on sait jamais:

  • Jean-Baptiste Maunier (born on 22nd December, 1990 in Brignoles)

Jean-Baptiste Maunier famous French singer and actor

Jean-Baptiste Maunier with Clémence Saint Preux

He is a French actor and became famous with the movie Les Choristes. Jean-Baptiste started his career as a soloist in the choir Petits chanteurs de Saint-Marc (led by Nicolas Porte), which sung the sound track of the film Les Choristes (800 000 albums sold in France). He was the revelation of the film in the role of Pierre Morhange.

In 2005, he sung Concerto pour deux voix with Clémence Saint Preux, daughter of the famous French composer Saint Preux. In spite of his huge success in singing, Jean-Baptiste left the choir that year to dedicate himself to the cinema.

In 2007, he played the role of Sid in the film Hellphone by James Huth (director of the famous French film Brice de Nice). The same year he played the role of Octave in L’Auberge Rouge by Gerard Krawczyk.

He also played in the movie Le Grand Meaulnes released in October 2006. His voice was also used for the character Saxo in Piccolo, Saxo et Cie. (Concerto pour deux voix) (Pueri Concinite)

  • Alain Souchon: (born on 27th May, 1944 in Casablanca, Morocco)

Alain Souchon famous French singer

Alain Souchon is a French singer, songwriter and actor. He has released 15 albums and has played roles in seven films.

Six months after Souchon was born his family returned to France. When he was 15 his father died in an accident. His mother sent him to a French college in England, but due to problems registering he decided to stay in London and work. Upon returning to France he took up guitar, influenced by English and American music. In 1970, he married and had his first son continuing to play in the cabarets and bars in the Rive Gauche of Paris.

Souchon’s first hit was “J’ai 10 ans” (1974), from the album of the same name. He continued releasing albums and in 1978 wrote the theme for François Truffaut’s 1979 film Love on the Run (L’amour en fuite). At this time his second son was born. In 1980, he was invited to perform at l’Olympia. He also began his acting career, most notably starring in the 1983 film L’Ete Meurtrier. Following the album ‘On avance’, he left RCA and signed with Virgin Records at 40 years old. In 1989 “La beauté de Ava Gardner” was voted best title of the year by the Victoires de la Musique.

Then came Souchon’s biggest hit “Foule sentimentale” from 1995’s million-selling C’est déja ça. At the 20th anniversary of the Victoires de la Musique in 1995, Alain Souchon received the award for best “Chanson Originale” for his song “Foule Sentimentale.” In 1996, he received the “le Prix Vincent Scotto” award given by the SACEM (Societe des Auteurs Compositeurs) for his song “Sous les Jupes des Filles”. Souchon returned in 2005 with the hugely successful album La vie Théodore which contained the hit single “…Et si en plus y’a personne”.

Foule sentimentale:

Allo maman bobo:

Fais pas ci fais pas ca:

Est s’il n’y avait personne:
(In this song, Alain Souchon is questioning the existence of God: ” And what if there is nobody?)

  • Christophe Willem: (born on 3rd August, 1983 in Enghien-les-Bains)

Christophe Willem famous French singer

Christophe Willem, born as Christophe Durier, was revealed by the TV music show “La Nouvelle Star” in 2006. His voice is quite unusual (if you just listen, you would bet that it is a girl who is singing!)

Double Je:

Jacques à dit:

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