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Most popular male singers in France these days – Part One

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  • Grégory Lemarchal: (13th May 1983 – 30th April 2007)

Grégory Lemarchal French singer

Grégory Lemarchal was a French singer and winner of the fourth series of the reality TV programme Star Academy, broadcasted on the TF1 television network.

At twenty months of age, he was diagnosed with the hereditary disease cystic fibrosis (or mucoviscidosis). In spite of all, he became France’s champion of acrobatic rock in 1995.

Through a friend, in mid-June of 2004, Lemarchal was contacted by the producers of Star Academy in Paris who needed one more male singer for the show. On December 22, Lemarchal was announced the winner, with 80% of the total vote, an unmatched score.

His debut single, “Ecris l’histoire” peaked at number two on the French singles chart in March 2005 and was certified platinum. His album, “Je deviens moi“, released on April 18, entered at number one.

At the NRJ Music Awards in January 2006, Lemarchal was awarded “breakthrough artist of the year” (“Révélation francophone de l’année”). In the spring, he completed his first solo nationwide tour, and a DVD of his performance at the Olympia was released. A new French duet version of the British singer Lucie Silvas’ hit single “What You’re Made Of” went to number two in the singles chart.

In 2007, Lemarchal announced that his health was deteriorating and that he was ordered by doctors to take a few months off in order to recuperate. However, after 3 years of glory, he died of complications from cystic fibrosis on the morning of April 30, 2007, waiting for an organ transplant.

Grégory’s family founded “Grégory Lemarchal Association”, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with cystic fibrosis, in June 2007, one month after Grégory’s death. The organization assists in information outreach, scientific research and combating negative public perception and discrimination of people with cystic fibrosis. So far, more than 14 million euros have been raised. French people have been deeply touched by Gregory’s courage, who never complained even once about his disease.

His most popular songs are:

A corps perdu:

Même si (what you’re made of) (with Lucie Silvas):

Je suis en vie:

Ecris l’histoire:

Le lien:

De temps en temps:

More songs are available (they were broadcasted on the TF1 television channel during the reality TV programme Star Academy):

SOS d’un terrien en detresse:

Show must go on:

Con te partiro:

Grégory Lemarchal French singer

  • Calogero: (born on 30th July, 1971 in Échirolles, Isère)

Calogero French singer

By the age of six Calogero had already taken an interest in music. He quickly learned to play several instruments, including the flute, piano and bass, and in 1986 became the lead singer and song-writer for a band called Les Charts, that he started together with his brother, Gioacchino, and a childhood friend, Francis Maggiulli. Between 1989 and 1997, Les Charts released 5 albums.

As the band began to lose its momentum, Calogero decided to launch himself as a solo artist and gathered important connections by writing songs and collaborating with already popular artists, such as Zazie and Pascal Obispo. The latter helped produce Calogero’s first solo album Au milieu des Autres (2000). His second album, CALOGERO (2002) was a huge success with the hit singles “En apesanteur“, “Aussi libre que moi“, “Tien an men” and “Prendre racine“. Finally, in 2004, Calogero released 3, featuring “Face à la mer” a duet with French rapper Passi and several other top singles such as “Yalla” and “Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer”.

Calogero’s moving lyrics and frail, tender voice have made him one of France’s top pop/rock singers.

Calogero released his fourth studio album “Pomme C” on 12th March 2007.

Pomme C:

En apesanteur:

Face a la mer (with Passi):

Tien an men:

Je vis ou tu m’as laissé:

Prendre racine:

Aussi libre que moi:

  • Pascal Obispo: (born on 8th January, 1965 in Bergerac)

Pascal Obispo

Pascal Obispo is a famous French singer and songwriter.

Pascal Obispo started singing in 1980. He got his first record deal in 1990, Le long du fleuve. When his second album came out (Plus que tout au monde) his songs became a huge success and are still very popular today. This album was sold at 2 millions copies in France. Some of his most famous songs are Plus que tout au monde, Laurelenn, Tombé pour elle, Lucie, Personne and Fan.

He is also well known for his various escapades, his unconservative behavior, his haircut, etc. His name is an anagram of the painter Pablo Picasso. Most of his albums have now sold more than 1 million copies.

Obispo used his popularity to help with humanitarian work and particularly with work to stop the AIDS epidemic. He has worked with many other well-known artists such as Florent Pagny, Johnny Hallyday, Patricia Kaas.

Tombé pour elle:


Fan: (song that pays tribute to Michel Polnareff)


Mourir demain (with Natasha Saint Pierre):


Nouveau voyage:

  • Florent Pagny: (born on 6th November, 1961 in Chalon-sur-Saône)

Florent Pagny French singer

Florent Pagny is one of the most famous French singers. He records work in French, Spanish and English. As Actor he has appeared in 1982 in A Captain’s Honor. He is one of the most famous French singers.

Là ou je t’emmenerai:

Ma liberté de penser:

Savoir aimer:


  • Johnny Hallyday: (born as Jean-Philippe Smet on 15th June, 1943 in Paris)

Johnny Hallyday famous French singer

Johnny Hallyday is a very famous French singer, interpreter and actor. He is a real icon in the French-speaking world since the beginning of his career and is considered by many to be the French equivalent of Elvis Presley.

He has had a 48-year career in music and is one of France’s biggest stars. He has completed 400 tours, was rewarded 39 gold albums, 18 platinum albums, performed in front of 15 million people, and sold 100 million records.

Today Hallyday is still seen as a top stage performer, giving first class shows in crowded stadiums. Hallyday announced his retirement from performing on 3rd December 2007 at the age of 64, after his last tour, scheduled in 2009-2010.


Studio albums:

Hello Johnny (1960, Vogue)
Nous les Gars, Nous les Filles (1961, Vogue)
Tête a Tête avec Johnny (1961, Vogue)
Salut les Copains! (1961, Philips)
Johnny Hallyday sings America’s Rockin’ Hits (1962, Philips)
Les Bras en Croix (1963, Philips)
Les Rocks les Plus Terribles (1964, Philips)
Halleluyah (1965, Philips)
Johnny Chante Hallyday (1965, Philips)
La Génération Perdue (1966, Philips)
Johnny 67 (1967, Philips)
Jeune Homme (1968, Philips)
Rêve et Amour (1968, Philips)
Rivière… Ouvre ton Lit (1969, Philips)
Vie (1970, Philips)
Flagrant Délit (1971, Philips)
Country-Folk-Rock (1972, Philips)
Insolitudes (1973, Philips)
Je t’Aime, Je t’Aime, Je t’Aime (1974, Philips)
Rock’n Slow (1974, Philips)
Rock a Memphis (1975, Philips)
La Terre Promise (1975, Philips)
Derrière l’Amour (1976, Philips)
Hamlet (1976, Philips)
C’est la Vie (1977, Philips)
Solitudes a Deux (1978, Philips)
Hollywood (1979, Philips)
À Partir de Maintenant… (1980, Philips)
En Pièces Détachées (1981, Philips)
Pas Facile (1981, Philips)
Quelque Part un Aigle (1982, Philips)
La Peur (1982, Philips)
Entre Violence et Violon (1983, Philips)
Hallyday 84: Nashville en Direct (1984, Philips)
En V.O. (1984, Philips)
Rock’n’Roll Attitude (1985, Philips)
Gang (1986, Philips)
Cadillac (1989, Philips)
Ça ne change pas un homme (1991, Philips)
Rough Town (1994, Philips)
Lorada (1995, Philips)
Ce que je sais (1998, Philips)
Sang pour sang (1999, Philips)
À la vie, à la mort ! (2002, Mercury)
Ma Vérité (2005, Mercury)
Le Cœur d’un homme (2007, Warner Music France)
Ca ne finira jamais (2008, Warner Music France)

Live albums:

Johnny et Ses Fans au Festival de Rock’n’Roll (1961, Vogue)
À l’Olympia (1962, Philips)
Olympia 64 (1964, Philips)
Olympia 67 (1967, Philips)
Au Palais des Sports (1967, Philips)
Que Je t’Aime (1969, Philips)
Live at the Palais des Sports (1971, Philips)
Palais des Sports (1976, Philips)
Pavillon de Paris (1979, Philips)
Live (1981, Universal Music)
Palais des Sports 1982 (1982, Universal Music)
Au Zénith (1984, Universal Music)
À Bercy (1987, Universal Music)
Dans la Chaleur de Bercy (1990, Universal Music)
Bercy 92 (1992, Universal Music)
Parc des Princes (1993, Universal Music)
À La Cigale (1994, Universal Music)
Lorada Tour (1995, Universal Music)
Destination Vegas (1996, Universal Music)
Johnny Allume le Feu: Stade de France 98 (1998, Universal Music)
100% Johnny: Live a La Tour Eiffel (2000, Universal Music)
Olympia 2000 (2000, Universal Music)
Parc des Princes 2003 (2003, Universal Music)
Flashback Tour Live (2006, Warner Music)
La Cigale (2007, Warner Music)


L’aventure c’est l’aventure (1974) as himself
Détective (1985) directed by Jean-Luc Godard
Why Not Me? (1999) as José
L’homme du train (The Man on the Train) (aka Man on the Train in the US) (2002) as Milan
Crime Spree (2003) as Marcel Burot
Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004) as L’ermite borgne
Quartier V.I.P. (2005) as Alex
Jean-Philippe (2006) as Jean-Philippe

Oh Marie:



Allumer le feu:

Noir c’est noir:

Que je t’aime :

  • Stanislas: (born on 29th May, 1972, in Fontainebleau, Seine-et-Marne)

Stanislas famous French singer

Louis Stanislas Renoult, just known as Stanislas, is a French singer. After several musical collaborations since 2000, he met success in 2008 with his first solo album L’Équilibre instable.

He is the son of François Renoult, a musician who had worked with Antoine, notably on the song “Je l’appelle Canelle”.

In 2000, Stanislas formed with Gioacchino (Calogero’s brother) the band Pure Orchestra and signed with Atletico Records, the label of Pascal Obispo. Their first single “U&I” was aired on radio in summer 2001 and the album Singing’ dog was released in February 2002. In 2004, Stanislas began to wrote his first solo album et decided to start a new collaboration with his brother Thibaud. They recorded Thibaud’s first studio album, entitled Les Pas perdus, then Stanislas’ debut album L’Équilibre instable released in late 2007 (Polydor/Universal). His first single “Le Manège” achieved success in France.

Le Manège (2007):

La Débâcle des sentiments (2007):
La Belle de mai (2008):

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