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Most popular French music bands these days

If the links don’t work anymore, just copy-paste the name of the music band and the title of the song on YouTube. The video-clip should come.

Famous French music bands:

  • Kyo:

Kyo French music group

Kyo is a French rock band.

Since attending high school in Yvelines, the two brothers, Fabien and Florian Dubos, and two friends Nicolas Chassagne and Benoit Poher, discovered they had the same passion for bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, and Soundgarden. In 1997, they met their manager, who convinced them of their potential, and obtained a contract with Sony for the group. They have since released three albums and one DVD entitled Kyosphere. After the recent success of their album Le Chemin selling 1.5 million copies, the group went to a house in Brittany, where they worked on their new album 300 Lésions which went Gold in 4 days with sales reaching upwards of 500 000 copies. Le Chemin was used as the ending of the second episode of the anime OVA Strait Jacket.

Dernière danse:

Je saigne encore:

Le chemin:

Je cours:

  • Indochine:

Indochine French music band

Indochine is a French new wave/rock band, formed in 1981. The band was very successful in France in the 1980s, as well as other parts of continental Europe, with songs like L’Aventurier and Canary Bay. Following the release of several critically acclaimed but unpopular albums in the 1990s, the group returned to stardom with the release of Paradize in 2002.

J’ai demandé à la lune:

Crash me:


  • Noir Désir: (singer: Bertrand Cantat)

Noir Désir French music band

Noir Désir is a French rock band, currently on hiatus.

The band was formed in Bordeaux in 1985 by singer Bertrand Cantat, drummer Denis Barthe, guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay and bassist Frédéric Vidalenc (replaced in 1996 by Jean-Paul Roy). Their first album “Veuillez rendre l’âme (à qui elle appartient)” (1989) was recognised as one of the best French rock albums ever made, and it produced a hit single: “Aux sombres héros de l’amer”, a sea-shantyesque harmonica-driven ballad that uses the metaphor of sailors “lost in the sea” to speak of the 19th century “poètes maudits” and other fellow navigators of existential emptiness. Noir Désir became one of the most prominent rock bands in France, releasing albums every few years.

In 2003, following an argument related to unfaithfullness, Bertrand Cantat punched his girlfriend and famous actress Marie Trintignant in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania. The force of the punch knocked her unconscious, and she died a few days later in hospital due to brain swelling. A Lithuanian judge sentenced Cantat to 8 years in prison after he was found guilty of manslaughter. He served four years of his sentence in a prison near Toulouse, France, and was freed on parole on October 16 2007.

Le vent nous portera:

L’homme pressé:

Aux Sombres Héros De L’amer:

  • Gold:

Gold famous French music band

Gold was a famous French music band in the 80s. Their songs are still very popular:

Capitaine abandonné:

Ville de lumière:

Laissez nous chanter:

Un peu plus près des étoiles:

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