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How many children does an average French family have?

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Most French families have two children. But because most women in France are working full time, they tend to delay their pregnancy more and more…having the first child at the age of 30 is common today.

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This is because people have to study more and more to be able to find a good job. In France, having a degree or even a Master’s degree doesn’t allow you to find a job (except if you choose to work for a private company). But French people usually prefer to work for the State because jobs that are paid by the State enjoy the “Security of employment”, which means that you cannot be fired (teachers, firefighters, policemen etc). To work for the State, people have to pass a “concours” (a public exam, which is generally very difficult). Concours have different names according to the level of difficulty. Concours of “category A” are the most difficult (about 90-95% of failure). Category B is also difficult. Categories C and D are more approachable, consequently the income is lower. It usually takes several attempts to pass a concours of “Category A”, no matter what the educational background is. In fact, even people with Master’s degrees and Phds fail in their initial attempts.

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