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Are French people really rude?

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Well, it is not for me to decide if French people are indeed rude or not but I do believe that it doesn’t make sense to generalize an opinion or a feeling on an entire nation because it is not fair to the people who are really good. It is like saying that “all Americans are fat”, “all Italians are lazy”or “All Germans are nazis” and so on…

Yes, there are rude people in France just like in any other country.

But it is important to emphasize that the occurrences of rudeness are the highest in Paris. If you are planning to visit Paris, be extremely cautious at the currency exchange shops. My Indian husband and I were swindled at a currency exchange shop in Paris. The lady took our money and then she said that there was an additional fee (that she didn’t mention earlier) of 30 euros and she kept the money. My husband tried to talk to her but she started yelling “I don’t care, you are tourists! I will never see you again! Go away!” So, my advice to you is that before you give your money to a currency exchange cashier, you should always ask first how many euros you will get for 100 dollars. That way, they won’t be able to cheat you.

Maybe this is why Parisians are often said to be rude…because they see you as a tourist that they will never meet again, so they think they can get away with their bad behavior. But don’t worry…not all Parisians are working in a currency exchange shop or in a restaurant, so most of them won’t treat you like that. For every such person, you will have at least 5 good people who will do their work honestly.

But it is true that I have often heard that the Parisians are rude. Maybe, this is also because they live in the capital so life is more stressful. New Yorkers are also said to be rude. It doesn’t mean all Americans are rude.

So, if you really want to know the truth, your truth, you should plan a trip to France (I said a trip to FRANCE, not just Paris!!).

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  1. Paul Beardon 16 Aug 2016 at 2:11 pm 1

    As an Englishman I think I can answer this question

    Non ! French people are very welcoming . They are ( rightly ) proud of their heritage , their customs and traditions.

    Thousands of British visit France every year which is testament to the entente cordial which exists between us

    I have travelled all over France and met people from all corners of France Incl Paris
    If you are willing to try speaking a little French they appreciate this and are very friendly

    Have a good trip

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