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What are the subjects that have a “bad reputation” in France?

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You may be surprised by the answer…Commerce and business have quite a bad reputation in France for 2 reasons:

1) They often lead to unemployment in France, even with a Master’s degree in Business/Commerce.

2) The Business/Commerce schools are VERY expensive and therefore exclude people from the working and middle classes. So, it is the students who have rich parents who can join them! (and they are not necessarily the brightest ones…) Because the exams are not difficult, they are not taken very seriously. Many people feel that the high price to pay to join these schools actually ensure success (it’s like bying your exam!) Many students end up unemployed even with an MBA in the pocket because companies don’t want to recruit them…those who are successful usually have to go to the USA or to the UK to find a (good) job.

The most renowned Commerce school in France is HEC (Hautes Ecoles de Commerce). But you have to pay a lot to join it and it is very selective.

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