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The most beautiful hikes in the Verdon Gorges – Part One

  • Martel trail (sentier Martel):

Right bank of the Verdon. 15 km – 7 h

This splendid hike, marked in red and white, has become a classic in the gorges. Sometimes from an overhang, sometimes along the water, it follows the course of the Verdon river from very close. For more information about this trail, click on this link:

Martel Trail, Verdon Gorges, France

  • Imbut trail (l’Imbut):

Left bank of the Verdon. 6 km – 5-6h round trip.

This is unquestionably the most beautiful way into the canyon. It follows the bed of the torrent to the Imbut, in the midst of lush vegetation.

Imbut trail, Verdon Gorges, France

L’Imbut (or funnel):

The waters of the Verdon disappear for 150 m under a rocky chaos in which it has excavated three galleries, 20 to 30 m deep. It is possible to climb over the blocks to admire Baou Béni (blessed rock).

Baou Béni:

Remarkable narrowing of the gorges, only 10-12 m wide between both banks. 10 min out – 10 min back. Follow the white marks through the tumble of fallen rocks. A difficult passage through the rocky chaos leads to the quieter waters of Baou Béni, at the end of the Imbut, affording a glimpse of the wildest, most inaccessible part of the canyon.

Baou Beni, Verdon Gorges, France

Le Maugué (picture below):

Corbelled passageway, 20 m above the Verdon, to cross the difficult passage of Maugué or “Bad ford”.

Imbut Trail, Verdon Gorges, France

  • Bastidon trail (sentier du Bastidon):

Mainmorte – Mayreste. 5 km – 2h one way

Start: Ravine of Mainmorte on D23. This lovely path overhanging the canyon offers wonderful views.

Bastidon trail, Verdon Gorges, France

For more information about the Verdon Gorges, click on this link:

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