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Sand sculptures in “Le Touquet” city (northern France) Part III

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How much sand was used?

Over 80 trucks have carried more than 2000 tons of sand sculpture.

Sand sculptures at Le Touquet

Sand sculptures at Le Touquet

How many sculptors were at work and how lond did it take? What kinds of tools did they use?

They were 24 sculptors, men & women from all over the world, carefully selected among the very best sculptors in the market. They came from Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Mexico. It took about 15 days to complete the sculptures yet before that, another 15 days were necessary to complete the preparatory works of compacting the sand in their wooden forms.

The total time it takes to develop an event of this size is about 8 months of dedicated work, thorough planning and in-depth working out all the details of the theme.

Sand sculptures at Le Touquet

The tools used to sculpt the sand are very much subject to individual preferences but as a rule, the sculptors used knives, spoons, trowels, spades, iron wires they bent into a multitude of shapes, palette knives and brushes. They even used little tubes to blow away sand parts when working on smaller details…

Sand sculptures at Le Touquet

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