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The forest of Maroeuil near Arras

The forest (“Bois” in French) of Maroeuil is located less than 10 km north-west of Arras. It is an islet of 72 hectares that is perched on a tertiary hill in the middle of intensive farm land.

Maroeuil forest

During the First World War, the forest was largely razed by the Allies who needed a large amount of wood to prop the trenches. Only one beech tree, located in the north, survived. Numerous plantations of oak trees, beeches, chestnut trees, and wild cherry trees to name just a few, were planted to return the forest to its original face. The craters left during the Great War are still visible.

The beauty of the landscape and the multiple walking trails make this forest a place of relaxation and leisure that is much visited, especially in the spring when the undergrowth is covered with a purple carpet of wood hyacinths and anemones.



A park in the middle of the forest allows the walkers to see from close animals that are usually furtive, such as deers and stags.


The entrance is free and the forest closes at 8.00 pm

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